Graham is The Pop Pickers bass player and started getting interested in music in the late fifties when his older brother began playing bass in a local band whose drummer went on to play in The Troggs. His eldest brother played a tea chest bass in a skiffle group that won a talent contest in a holiday camp!
After a short period of trying to play the drums, Graham bought his first guitar secondhand for £1.50, roughly 3 months pocket money! Along with a couple of mates, who were all huge fans of The Shadows, it was not long before a group was formed using some very cheap and nasty guitars and amplifiers. They began playing in various local youth clubs.
Later Graham joined a band called The Magistrates who not only had a van to get around in, but a manager/agent who arranged gigs most weekends in the New forest area.
After a break of a couple of years Graham joined the Tommy Woods Band playing clubs, hotels and functions in the Southampton area. He then put away the bass and picked up the guitar when he joined with a couple of mates from his original band and played the clubs and pubs calling themselves Winds of Change. Then back on the bass in a duo called Tandem where he played the clubs in the Portsmouth area followed by a group called Tracy and the Rich Uncles. The highlight would be playing keyboards in The Replacements at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.
Retirement seemed likely until he answered an advertisement in Gumtree and after a meeting with Ian and Rod, The Pop Pickers began to take shape. With the addition of David on drums we have a band.