I started my musical career quite late in life in the mid 1980’s. I began learning to play the drums but actually found I could sing and so focussed on this as the drumming went by the wayside. I formed a five-piece band called Skram and started playing the clubs and pubs.

My next band was called 5th Gear and was another 5-piece. We were formed in 1990 and stayed together for around 10 years. The highlight was supporting Merseyside legends - The Searchers twice.

Around 2000 I formed a 4-piece band called Jumpstart. We had a successful spell as a function band and supported a number of well-known acts such as The Searchers (again), The Fortunes, The Troggs, Dave Berry and Chas and Dave to name a few. We also had fun entertaining on the Steamship Shieldhall, whilst cruising around the Isle of Wight and playing at the Southampton Guildhall for the Tesco annual Christmas dance.

After a good run with Jumpstart I took a break from entertaining but after a few years the hunger was back and I played with a band called Blackjack for around six months to get back into the swing of things.

After Blackjack I formed a duo with a guitar playing mate and we called ourselves the Backtrack Duo. We played on the club and pub circuit for a while but after a time eased back and then played regular gigs in a local hotel just for fun.

Just when I thought my time in bands had come to an end, by chance I saw an advert by The Pop Pickers looking for a lead vocalist. The opportunity was too good to pass up as the job was tailor made for me.

So here we are in 2017 and I am very pleased and enthusiastic to be joining The Pop Pickers (Ian, Graham and David) playing those classic hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, which is the music I love.

If you are at a Pop Pickers gig please come and say hello.